Our Return Policy | ZedLabz

No Quibbles

We stand behind our products - you can return any item(s).

No Timeframes

There are no specific limits or timeframes for returns – we handle each case individually.

Any Reason

You can return all or part of your order for any reason - even if you just didn't like it.

Happy to Help

We aim to please - we'll assist you in finding the best resolution such as an exchange or refund.

The best return policy is one which is tailored to you

Free returns

Returns are free for all customers worldwide. We will provide a free return label where possible. If it is not possible for us to provide a return label for your location we will make arrangements to reimburst you for the cost of the return. We may opt to make an alternative return arrangement with you if the usual methods are cost prohibitive. We are committed to ensuring that you are fully reimburst for any costs incurred whilst making a return should they arise to ensure the return is free.

Return policy.

Each request for help will be handled on a case-by-case basis to provide the best possible service experience. Our ultimate goal is to provide a fair and reasonable resolution to any situation.

We strongly believe in treating others as we ourselves wish to be treated, our philosophy is to try and do everything we reasonably can to make you happy, in the hope that you will in turn treat us with the same level of respect.

Any reasonable request for help will at the very least be considered, we’re only one click or tap away, so if you need help with anything just pop us an email using the form below.