Game Boy Pocket Color mod project (POCO)

The Game Boy Pocket Color mod project created by Xipher is a process of fitting a Game Boy Color console into a Pocket shell.

This mod is very difficult to do and recommended only for experienced modders.

You can buy most if not all of the parts required for this mod here, including the official Xipher Pocket Color PCB button board.

Checkout and follow Xipher design on youtube where you will find a 3 part video guide to doing this mod:

Parts suggested by Xipher:

1) Funny Playing Pocket Shell, buttons & silicone rubber pads.

2) Q5 OSD Display for a GBC (FunnyPlaying model not recommended for this mod)

3) Regular Game Boy Pocket glass screen lens

4) 850 mAh Lithium Battery (45mm x 20mm x 8mm)

5) Helder Game Boy Color Power Regulator

6) Capacitor Replacements:

C35 Mfr#: EMK212BBJ226MG-T & C38 Mfr#: AMK316AC6107ML-T

7) Game Boy Color speaker

8) Lipo charging PCB board

9) USB C breakout board

10) 3D printed brackets designed by Xipher

11) Custom button board designed by Xipher

12) Power Switch replacement 1P3T

13) Enamel wire & hookup wire

14) Kapton tape

15) General tools including screwdrivers, soldering iron & craft knife



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