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100 Day return period

You can make a return of unwanted goods for a refund up to 100 days from the date your order was placed.

Two year warranty*

Most products come with a 2 year warranty, some exclusions apply for certain items e.g. items which are consumable.

Multiple return locations

We offer returns addresses in multiple locations including the USA, Europe and the UK.

Happy to Help

We aim to please - we will help you to get the most out of your purchase or assist you in making a return if needed.

Our returns policy

We provide a 100 day return window from the date of ordering and paying for the goods.

Products must be returned unused in the same condition as they were received with the exception of outer packaging, which will be accepted if opened. Returned products should not show signs of being used, protective films, stickers and warranty seals should be untouched, present and intact.

Consumable products cannot be returned unless they are either unused (and sealed) or faulty. We are also unable to accept returns on products which have been subject to accidental damage or modification.

Please note that we cannot offer exchanges.

Most products are covered by our 2 year warranty, if anything goes wrong outside of the 100 day window we will be happy to assist you in resolving it under any warranty the product has, please see below in warranty section of this page.

You will need to make your own arrangements to send the item back to us at your cost, you can use a shipping company and service of your choice, returned products are your responsibility until they reach us, so please make sure they're packed up properly and can't get damaged in transit, please also ensure that you get proof of postage or tracking, in case you need to contact us about your return.

Where possible we provide a return address within the same continent for returns to be sent to, we can currently provide an address for returns warehouses in the USA, Europe and the UK.

If there is no address which is within your continent we may suggest the most appropriate address from the ones we have available. You can choose a shipping company and service of your choice when making a return.

You must have contacted us within the return period in order for a return to be accepted, a further window of 30 days is provided for the products to physcially reach us.

We will look at individual cases beyond this window, but acceptance of returns outside of the return window will be entirely at the discretion of ZedLabz and will normally only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

Any product which is purchased as a pre-order will receive an automatic return window extension based on the actual release date of the product.


Faulty products:

If goods are faulty we will work with you to try and resolve the issues via technical support where possible, we will often require photos, or in rare cases a video, as part of providing support and returns for faulty goods.

In many cases we can help solve the issue without the need for returns, by working closely with you to check through and identify the cause of the problem. If the item is deemed to be faulty by our support team we will assist in arranging either replacement parts at our discretion (subject to availability), or we will facilitate a return at our cost and issue a refund.


Money back promise:

We want you to be happy with all of your purchases from ZedLabz, if you're not completely satisfied with one of your products, let us know about the issue within 100 days of ordering it, and we will assist you with a return for a refund.

To make a claim under the 100-Day money back promise please contact us via our contact form below, or email us at support@zedlab.com, and advise us you which to return a product under the money back promise, along with the reason for wanting to return it.

You may return one item per order under the 100-Day money back promise, or in limited situations two products, where one product is explicitly required to make the other work, or proprietary to the other product being returned.

The number of refunds you may receive under the 100-day money back promise is subject to fair usage, is limited entirely at ZedLabz discretion, and is not a guarantee that the return will be accepted. Please note that consumable products are not included.

We are unable to accept returns on products which have been subject to accidental damage or modification, they will also not be accepted under our money back promise.

You will need to make arrangements to return the product using our preferred shipping company / service at your cost.


Return processing times:

Returns will usually take 3-5 business days to be received and 1-2 business days to be processed for refund.

International returns may take longer to be received back at our warehouse, approximately 1-2 weeks, location dependent. You will receive an email from us once your return has been processed.

The money will typically return back to your bank account 2-3 business days after the return has been processed.


Promotional offers & discount codes

If you decide to return item(s) that has been purchased with a discount code or promotion, the amount refunded will be subject to the original minimum spend and or terms of the promotion or discount code.

If you wish to have a refund, you will need to return all items included in the special offer or pay for the outstanding item at the regular price.

If you wish to keep an item that was received free or discounted as part of a promotion, we can deduct the cost of it from your refund.

If you return items and your remaining order falls below the threshold for the delivery promotion (e.g. free delivery) then the promotion will be removed and the standard delivery fee will be applied to the order, reducing the overall amount due to be refunded.

Please note that we cannot offer exchanges.

Example 1: Promotional discount of $10 off orders over $50

If the items returned for refund bring the remaining total of the order below the original minimum spend of $50, the $10 discount will be removed from the refund amount as the order no longer qualifies for the discount.

Example 2: Free shipping on orders over $10 (standard shipping charge $4)

If the items returned for refund bring the remaining total below the minimum spend of $10 required for free shipping, the standard minimum shipping fee of $4 will be removed from the refund amount as the order no longer qualifies for the free shipping promotion.


Delivery charge refunds:

Delivery dates are normally not guaranteed with most carrier services we offer, in the event that a package arrives later than the estimated delivery date we will be unable to offer a shipping charge refund.

Optional delivery options such as premium or express options that arrive faster for a higher cost, are not refundable in the event of a return, these are optional shipping services you are able to choose at the checkout, and are not required in order to make an order. Only the lowest cost option delivery option offered may be refundable if the entire order is being returned, promotional delivery offers may impact on the refund amount due, see promotional offers and discounts section above for more information.


Undeliverable Packages:

An order may be returned to sender and arrive back at our warehouse in some situations including where an incorrect address was provided at the time of ordering, or the order was not claimed and picked up from the carrier. Orders which are returned to us will be processed for a refund, if your order was returned to us due to an incorrect shipping address being provided, we will only refund the cost of the item(s) and not the shipping charges.

We are unable to resend orders that carriers return to us as undeliverable. If you still like the items that were ordered, please place a new order on our website.


Warranty claims

Most products include a 2 year warranty as standard, if you have any issues with a product please contact us for assistance.

Products which fail under warranty may be repaired or replaced in part or full, or where no other option is available, or it is beyond economical repair, a return may be offered. The event that a product is deemed to be faulty under warranty, the costs of any return (if required) will be covered by us to complete a repair, exchange or refund. 

Some products are excluded such as products which are deemed to be consumable items. A small number of products may be provided with a shorter warranty period, this will be stated on the product page if this is the case.


Feedback & complaints

We try our best to do things right but sometimes things may still go wrong, human error does occur from time to time, and we all have the odd bad day. If you do have any issues, feedback or suggestions we encourage you to contact us on the form below or via email support@zedlabz.com, we promise to take everything on board and try to improve, we will never be perfect but we will continue to work towards it.


Our approach to support.

Our flexible and generous return offering should cover most situations that are encountered when ordering from us.

Each request for help will be handled on a case-by-case basis to provide the best possible service experience. Our ultimate goal is to provide a fair and reasonable resolution to any situation.

Wherever possible our aim is to help you make use of your purchase and have the right product for your needs, in working order, and being fully enjoyed.

As a small family run business we strongly believe in treating others as we ourselves wish to be treated, our aim is to try and do everything we reasonably can to make you happy, in the hope that you will in turn, treat us with the same level of respect and kindness.

Any reasonable request for help will at the very least be considered, we’re only one click or tap away, so if you need help with anything just pop us an email using the form below.


Your statutory rights remain unaffected by any of our policies and guidelines.