About ZedLabz | Who, what and why!

Who We Are

ZedLabz is a family-run professional online retailer and manufacturer offering great value gaming accessories, spare parts, and mods for all your consoles—from retro handhelds to next-generation home consoles.

Our History

From the Founder, Kieran Collings

Our small business started in 2013, shortly after I left university. With minimal startup funds, I began selling online from a sunroom at my parents' house. Every bit of profit was reinvested to expand our product range.

As our business grew, we moved to a small startup office in our local town. More products and family members joined the team to keep everything running smoothly.

Fast forward a year, and we relocated to a warehouse on a farm. We quickly filled this space with gaming parts and later expanded with an additional warehouse. By 2018, we had moved to a larger farm, where we now operate from a large and a smaller warehouse. This is our current base, where our exciting work continues. Our range keeps growing, and we aim to build the world’s most comprehensive collection of gaming spares and accessories.

Where We Are Now

We operate from multiple warehouses, with our primary operations and dispatch located in Essex, United Kingdom, about an hour outside of London.

With approximately 10,000 product lines, over 1 million orders dispatched, and a customer base of more than half a million, we have grown to become a leading global retailer of gaming products.

Our global customer base has led us to establish return warehouse locations in the USA, Europe, and the UK. All our products are in stock and ready to ship immediately unless stated otherwise (e.g., pre-orders).

We strive to make shopping with us as easy and enjoyable as possible, offering fast dispatch and handling the complexities of import taxes. We set high standards in everything we do.

We carefully manage our environmental impact, continually working to reduce plastic and energy use by investing in solar power and switching to plastic-free packaging. All our orders are shipped on a carbon-neutral basis, with offsetting contributions for every shipment.

Why We Do What We Do

I've always been interested in computers and electronics, building computers from scratch and sourcing various parts. Getting every part needed, especially before online shopping, was challenging. This inspired a long-term ambition to offer as many parts as practically possible.

I’ve always enjoyed helping others, starting with fixing their computers and now helping people repair their own gaming devices. Reviving old equipment is a passion, whether upgrading computers or ensuring gaming consoles stay functional and in circulation for future generations to enjoy.

ZedLabz supports the environment in our operations and product offerings. We hope our products help you get years more use out of your games consoles and handhelds.

Thank You for Your Support!

Kieran Collings