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GBHD Advance consolizer consolizing mod kit for Game Boy Advance [GBA AGB] | Gamebox Systems

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PLEASE NOTE - this is an intermediate to advanced level mod, it requires skilled micro soldering, we recommend getting a professional to install this, self installation is done at the purchaser's own risk. You will need to solder directly to small pin legs on IC chips found on the motherboards CPU.


- Compatible with all Nintendo Game Boy Advance motherboards.
- Digital HDMI out supporting resolutions: 480p, 720p and 1080i*
- Extra features include scaling, scanlines and filtering.
- Includes custom 3D printed enclosure.
- Requires good soldering stills to install, with micro soldering required. 


Turn a Game Boy Advance into a home console and play your games on a big screen, with the GBHD consolizer diy kit.

No emulation! with all original hardware, the GBHD Advance offers a completely custom and unique way to experience classic game boy titles. The Gameboy Advance signals from original hardware are fed into a custom engineered PCB and processed for digital HDMI out with SNES controller input. The sleek 3D printed enclosure is the cherry on top to make the consolizer a perfect center piece for any gaming or creation setup.

This mod does require technical soldering to a high degree of accuracy, as you will need to solder individual pin legs on the CPU IC located on the GBA motherboard, it is recommended to have this installed professionally if you are not experienced with soldering small detailed parts. The installation of the mod is done at the owners risk, please read the warranty information below.

GBHD supports any SNES controller controllers, whether it be an OEM controller or 3rd party controller, wired or wireless, plug it in and start gaming!

The software menu built into the custom offers a variety of setting option which can be set by accessing the on screen display menus (OSD)

No weird proprietary power connectors are needed to make use of GBHD, only a USB-C cable is required for power. The system runs at approximately 350mA-400mA,this low power consumption means that it can be powered via any USB port such as a computer USB.

The 3D printed enclosure for GBHD Advance has been reworked repeatedly for form and functionality, it also utilises brass screw threadings, making opening and closing the enclosure simplistic.

Utilizing the proprietary Gamebox digital video core, the GBHD Retro consolizer has the ability to output both 480p (720×480 progressive), 720p (1280×720 progressive), and *1080i (1920×1080 interlaced) for maximum compatibility with HDMI enabled televisions and monitors. Resolutions are configurable via options in the OSD menu.

*1080i picture quality depends on the TV/monitor built in deinterlacer and quality will vary between devices in 1080i mode.

**It is STRONGLY recommended that you use a high quality gold plated HDMI cable for maximum screen compatibility!

With the additional screen real estate, GBHD scales the tiny 240×160 original Gameboy Advance resolution! By default, the processed image is linearly upscaled 3x in 480p, 4x in 720p, and 6x in 1080i with customizable border colors. Don’t want borders around the image? Not a problem! The image can be stretched to full screen with an overscan option.

Give your consolizer experience a retro CRT feel with 4 adjustable scanline modes. Scanlines range in size, and progressively get wider to simulate the feeling of sitting in front an old tube television.

GBHD Advance comes equipped with pixel smoothing (bilinear filtering at 2x, 3x, and 4x options) and gamma correction filtering options for the maximum enjoyment of the games. Make the edge of pixels smooth with the smoothing feature and make the colors true to the original with gamma correction.   

Included in the kit:

Included in the kit:
GBHD Advance PCB
32 pin to 40 pin ribbon cable
40 pin ribbon cable
Quick solder flex cable (designed by Helder Game Tech)
GBHD Advance case
Screw set for the case

Detailed feature list:

Triple Resolution Support
1080i (1920×1080 interlaced)
720p (1280×720 progressive, Default Mode)
480p (720×480 progressive)
Scaling Modes
6x Linear (1080i mode)
4x Linear (720p Mode)
3x Linear (480p Mode)
Full Screen non-Linear
TV Mode (Slight Crop Full Screen)
Gamma Correction
Pixel Smoothing (2x, 3x, 4x bilinear filtering)
SNES Controller Input
4 Scanline Modes
64 Border Color Options
Button Remap Option
AB Remapped to YB
Physical power button
USB-C powered

Warranty information and exclusions:

Our standard 2 year warranty is provided on this product subject to clean and proper installation of the parts, installation of this product is done at the owners own risk. We accept no liability for damage or consequential loss from the fitting of parts or modification parts supplied by ourselves, our liability is limited to the supplied parts only. Accidental damage is not covered under any warranty, replacement flex cables will be made available to purchase in case of any errors made during the installation.

Platform Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Manufacturer Gamebox Systems
EAN 5056026480901
SKU 300287
Weight 35g