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64HD digital video HDMI output mod kit for Nintendo 64 N64 | Gamebox Systems

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PLEASE NOTE - this is an intermediate to advanced level mod, it requires skilled micro soldering, we recommend getting a professional to install this, self installation is done at the purchaser's own risk. You will need to solder directly to small pin legs on IC chips found on the N64 motherboard to install this mod.


- Compatible with all N64 models - PAL & NTSC
- Supported Resolutions: 1080i60, 720p60, 480p60, 240p60 
- Scaling Modes: Integer 1:1, Full Screen non-Linear, Non-integer linear, Overscan
- VI Deblur, Brightness Control, 3 Pixel Filter & 3 Scanline Modes, settings saving
- Requires good soldering stills to install, with micro soldering required. 

NOTE: Quick solder flex cables (QSB) are available fragile and require careful skilled soldering, it is recommended to use good quality flux and solder on these to achieve a good installation.


Give your 64 the HD treatment with this DIY HDMI upgrade kit from Gamebox systems, which includes everything you need to get digital out from your Nintendo 64 via a HDMI port, and with no cutting of the console shell!

The 64HD HDMI digital out mod from Gamebox systems adds modern HDMI connectivity to your retro N64 console, plus a whole range of additional features to give you an enhanced gaming experience. The mod primarily helps you to attach your Nintendo 64 to a modern TV, but it does so in a way that provides the very best possible picture, tapping directly into the motherboard for a digital signal, rather than using the traditional analog AV out. 

This mod does require technical soldering to a high degree of accuracy, as you will need to solder individual pin legs on IC chips found inside the console on then motherboard, it is recommended to have this installed professionally if you are not experienced with soldering small detailed parts. The installation of the mod is done at the owners risk, please read the warranty information below. No cutting of the shell is required, meaning that the mod could be reversed and removed later by de-soldering.

Once installed you will be able to hook the N64 up to a TV or monitor using HDMI in digital quality, with no AV converters needed or quality losses experienced. The mod offers 4 different resolutions which are useful for various applications from playing the console on a big TV to capturing your gameplay for streaming through your own video capture setup, you can choose the resolution and save the settings for the next time you turn on the console.

You will also be able access new features such as scanline modes which will give the retro CRT style appearance on a modern LCD screen, overscan which allows you to adjust the image size to fill your screen, and VI Deblur which creates a sharper image by attempting to remove the blur used in the original software.

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Included in the kit:

64HD PCB board
HDMI Daughterboard PCB + Ribbon Cable
3D printed riser bracket
Quick solder flex cable
No-cut A/V Shroud (not pictured but included)
Foam Adhesive Pad (for N64 motherboard revisions NUS-CPU-06 through NUS-CPU-09)(Not pictured but included)

Full feature list:

Compatible with all N64 models NTSC & PAL

Supported Resolutions:
- 1080i60 (1920×1080 interlaced) - Works best with NTSC consoles.
- 720p60 (1280×720 progressive, Default Mode) - Best compatibility for PAL consoles.
- 480p60 (720×480 progressive)
- 240p60 (1440×240 progressive, use with component converter for PVM/CRT screens)

Scaling Modes:
- Integer 1:1 PAR (Pixel Aspect Ratio)
- Full Screen non-Linear
- Non-integer linear scaling (Default scaling option)
- Overscan for All Scaling Modes

- VI Deblur
- Image Brightness Control
- 3 Pixel Filter modes
- 3 Scanline Modes (Simple and Hybrid)
- Settings saving

Warranty information and exclusions:

Our standard 2 year warranty is provided on this product subject to clean and proper installation of the parts, installation of this product is done at the owners own risk. We accept no liability for damage or consequential loss from the fitting of parts or modification parts supplied by ourselves, our liability is limited to the supplied parts only. Accidental damage is not covered under any warranty, replacement flex cables will be made available to purchase in case of any errors made during the installation.
Platform Nintendo 64
Manufacturer Gamebox Systems
EAN 5056026480154
SKU 300504
Weight 35g

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Michael Ford

I bought the 64HD as an alternative to the pricier PixelFX solution. Be aware that if certain situations arise where you require ordering extra parts (such as a new RCP flex cable), you'll be waiting for months for any opportunity, and then they are snapped up immediately. After 9 months of waiting, I tore the 64HD off my system and put a Retro GEM on instead. Best decision I made.

Jeff Matthews
HDMI mod

It’s an amazing upgrade. My only issue was the audio glitches consistently it doesn’t bother me much but it’s noticeable.

Great, but undocumented quirks

I was able to apply the kit on my PAL console with medium soldering experience. What threw me off is that I sometimes had a colorful static screen and no sound during testing, and I redid the soldering multiple times, until I finally damaged the flex cable.
However, it seems the issue was not on my end: According to Helder, it uses DVI audio which is not supported by all TV. You can however use the AV audio and use seperate speakers or converters to get the audio back.
The colorful static happens when your N64 can't load the cartridge.
Also 1080i doesn't work for me, 720p works nicely. Everything I mentioned so far has been confirmed by at least two other people. For me, 480p only works on PAL games, not on NTSC games...
The installation instructions only list instructions for NTSC revisions, despite saying it works on all standard revisions, but the instructions for early NTSC models work for PAL consoles just fine.
So this kit got me confused and frustrated, but the end result is within expectations and I still recommend it.

Richard O
Finally a HDMI connection

Not too long to install, far easier than disassembling and installing the new Wii HDMI mod.
The ribbon cable was a little finniky but was installed without much problem.

Something i noticed was the for the first couple of minutes the screen seemed to pulsate 2 times every second but this corrected itself and hasn't come back. i buttoned up the console and gave it a good test, all the games i tested looked alright. Thanks a lot!