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Open up your games consoles, game cartridges, and accessories with our range of tools, including our specialist bit set to remove security screws. Fix, modify, or maintain all of your gaming devices, from retro NES consoles through to the latest PS5 and Xbox Series X. This collection has all the tools you will need to create the ultimate gaming toolkit such as Gamebit security screwdrivers, Tri-wing screwdrivers, electronic tweezers, prying tools, torx security screwdrivers, adhesive tape and more. If there's something you need but don't see currently listed in this collection, please reach out to the ZedLabz team and we will look into getting the right tools in for you.

For more info on creating the ultimate gamer toolkit, read the ZedLabz blog for articles on:

- buying a Gamebit 3.8/4.5 security screwdriver set.

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Tri-wing & cross wing philips security screwdriver set for Nintendo DS, Lite, DSi, XL, Game boy, pocket, colour, advance, advance sp, Wii, Wii U & Switch | ZedLabz

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Controller opening set for Xbox One/360 controller T6 T8 security screwdriver & prying tool | ZedLabz


Screwdriver for opening retro games & consoles 3.8 & 4.5mm Gamebit security bit tool NES SNES N64 GameCube Game Boy Mastersystem Megadrive Game Gear DIY repairs | ZedLabz


Gamebit security screwdriver for games & consoles NES SNES N64 Gameboy tool bit 3.8 & 4.5 | ZedLabz


Precision ESD safe tweezer set of 3 (pointed, curved & blunt) for electronics, games consoles, handhelds & controllers repairs or mods - anti static | ZedLabz


ZedLabz 2mm thick single sided cushioning foam tape for electronic console repairs - 1m black


ZedLabz philips #00 cross head screwdriver & opening tool set for Sony PS4, PS3 & PS2 controllers


Screen lens & electronics spudger prying blade thin metal opening tool with silicone grip handle | ZedLabz


ZedLabz 28 AWG PVC coated electronic hookup wire for video game console repairs and modifications - 5m


JIS standard phillips Screwdriver set console & controller tool kit - Black | ZedLabz


Double sided tape adhesive strips to install screen lens or touch screen - 20 pack | ZedLabz


Solder 0.38mm super thin lead free fine wire with flux core for game console repairs, projects & modz - 2M | ZedLabz


2 in 1 plastic prying opening tool for Game controllers, consoles & handheld electronic devices - 4 pack | ZedLabz


Torx allen key for Xbox 360 console housing T6 & T8 security bit | ZedLabz


Clean Flux pen for reworking or touching up solder - 10ml | ZedLabz


Dust blower for screen lens mods & replacements | ZedLabz


Kapton tape with adhesive backing for repairs & modding - 30mm x 50cm | ZedLabz


Spirig desolder wick for repairs & modifications easy desoldering size AA braid - 50cm | ZedLabz


ZedLabz opening tool & torx allen key kit for Xbox 360 console housing

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Long 3.8 & 4.5mm gamebit security tool bit for games & consoles NES SNES N64 GC Game boy | ZedLabz Digital eGift Voucher

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Spirig desolder wick for easy desoldering size AA 1.5m | ZedLabz


Flush cutters nippers for trimming & modding game controllers, consoles, handhelds, electronic devices & wire | ZedLabz


Copper Tape with adhesive back for repairs & modding - 50cm | ZedLabz


Hookup wire for console repairs & modifications 30 AWG insulated electronic - 5m | ZedLabz


Metal oxide thermal CPU / GPU compound silver paste grease for heatsink - 1.5g | Startech


Rework reballing stencil for Xbox One / One S template BGA 0.6mm | ZedLabz


Cable zip ties nylon 100mm x 2.5mm - 100 pack Black | ZedLabz


LiPo charging IC board TP4056s USB Type C 5V 1A rechargeable battery mod | ZedLabz


Rework gel repair tool for repairs & mods with manual syringe & guidance tip - 10 grams | ZedLabz