Joey Junior JR V2++ plug & play writer & flasher for Gameboy, Color, Advance Cart - USB C game cartridge backup adapter GB GBA GBC with 3D printed enclosure | Benn Venn

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- USB C connection - works much like a USB stick without software.
- Includes a 3D printed enclosure with Benn Venn Logo
- Supports official cart rom dumping & game save reading / writing.
- Supports many third party carts for flashing roms
- Requires a USB C cable (not included)


The Joey Jr V2++ is the latest iteration of the easy to use game cart dumper / flasher by Benn Venn Electronics. 

V2++ is the fastest Joey Jr to date. 65% faster GBA dumping than V2CC, 35% faster GBC dumping. Flashing up to 35% faster.

Joey Jr needs no software or drivers. It works much like an external hard drive. You can drag your roms and save off, or on. You can play your cart directly in an emulator from the cart and saves will be automatically updated on the cart when you're done. Super easy to apply gameshark codes, high speed grinding, patching etc. Ideal for battery swaps, GB Camera image extractions, Save and ROM backups.

Cart compatibility:

All official GBA carts supported: ROM dumping, Reading and writing of all save types, EEPROM, SRAM, FRAM, Flash128k/Flash64k. 

All official GB & GBC carts supported: ROM dumping, Reading and writing of all save types SRAM, FRAM - Including GBA e-reader

GB camera image dumping is supported! All your images conveniently presented as bitmap files to your PC, tablet, phone etc.

Official Nintendo Power Cart multi rom support just added!

Unofficial cart Flashing: Third party carts are regularly sourced to check and add support where necessary. If you have an unsupported cart, head over to the BennVenn discord for support. If you provide all the details to Benn Venn they will try to ensure it's added to the next firmware update. 

Windows compatible - Mac compatibility not guaranteed but has been tested as working with older Mac from 2008 - It is generally expected that it will work with newer OS, you can ask in the discord for the latest information.

Transfer speeds:

GBA cart dumping 710kbytes per second - ~23 seconds for a 128mbit GBA cart (Pokemon for example).

GB/C cart dumping - ~330kbytes per second - 3 seconds to dump Pokemon Red, can boot in an emulator faster than on a real Gameboy.

GBA Bootleg Flashing speed up to 355kbytes per second - under 50 seconds to flash Pokemon Ruby (16mbytes) to your bootleg. 12minutes to reflash a 2048Mb GBA multi-cart

GB/C Bootleg Flashing speed - 90kbytes per second - 1mbyte ROM (Pokemon red) in 12seconds.

Platform Nintendo Game Boy
Manufacturer ZedLabz
EAN 5056026466882
SKU 100384
Weight 28g