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PRE-ORDER - ETA early December 2024 - this is a best estimate taking into account the publishers estimates and logistics, it may be subject to delays, when possible we will add updates to this page if the release has passed the estimate.


- First official physical release in North America

- Enchanted 8-bit cartridge for NES® consoles

- Exclusive Acrylic Cartridge Display Stand

- Numbered hardcover magnetic cartridge packaging

- Full-colored instruction manual

- Region free - Designed to work in both PAL and NTSC regions (60Hz &
50Hz), Compatible with Nintendo NES and many third party clone consoles.


The once calm and quiet Fairy Village has been attacked!  Dark magic has turned the normally docile wildlife into hostile fiends and Tam and Rit have had their mother kidnapped!  

They will need to don the magic rods and rainbow shoes that their late father passed down to them and venture into Maboots Tower to rescue her.  

Venture through 40 scenes and more with up to two players in this first official release in North America of this classic arcade port on the NES®. 

History of Rod Land

Released in April 1990, Yōsei Monogatari Rod Land (妖精物語ロッドランド) hit Japanese arcades. Developed by Jaleco, it took the concept of a single-screen platformer (such as Bubble Bobble or Burger Time) and presented it with colorful graphics and a classic soundtrack.

It became a popular title in the arcades and in order to capitalize on the growing home console market, Jaleco released ports on the Famicom and Game Boy in Japan. With the growing home console market, Jaleco worked with London-based The Sales Curve (later SCi) to publish ports on the Amiga,  Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, and other home and PC consoles for Europe.

Now titled Rod Land (sometimes Rod-Land), these ports were faithful to the original arcade, although some versions did add new stages, backgrounds, and even the ability to jump.

In 1992, ports for the NES® and Game Boy® appeared but they were limited to Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain. The minimal amount of text made it easy to port, however, it never saw a physical release in the United States. This was possibly due to the SNES® launching in 1990 and Nintendo of America pulling publishing support for the aging NES® to focus on the newer console.


Q) When can I order this?

A) This will be an open pre-order available from June 4th, 2024, through July 7th, 2024. Independent retailers will have limited quantities after it has been released.

Q) What is included in this release?

A) Both the NES® and Game Boy® versions will come with a numbered hardcover magnetic cartridge box, a full-colored instruction manual, and a special cartridge for their respective console. Additionally, the NES® version will come with an acrylic display stand featuring the protagonists, Tam and Rit.

Q) How many will be made?

A) The total number will depend on the amount pre-ordered during the ordering window. Each one will be individually numbered during production via a label on the inside sleeve of the packaging.

Q) Will there be another reprint?

A) We do not plan on reprinting this version again. We intend to keep this version unique so as not to confuse it with other versions.

Q) What version are we getting?

A) The NES® release is the PAL English version that has been updated to output to both 60Hz and 50Hz as well as function across original consoles as well as most 3rd party clone consoles. The Game Boy® version is the European English version. Both titles have had their licensing updated in the game which is reflected on the title screen.

Q) Is this game region-free?

A) Both games are compatible with both NTSC-U and PAL consoles.

Q) Will this cart damage my console?

A) Our circuit boards come with the correct 5v chips and beveled, gold contacts to ensure no cartridge slot is damaged.

Q) What consoles can run this?

A) NES® - Original NTSC-U and PAL consoles as well as most 3rd party clone consoles.
Game Boy® - Original Game Boy consoles, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Super Game Boy adapter, Game Boy Player adapter, and Analogue Pocket.

Q) How does the multiplayer function?

A) NES - Simply press start on either controller. Player one will be Rit and player two will be Tam. Game Boy® - After selecting 2P mode, player one will play as Tam and after dying or completing the scene, player two will play their turn as Rit.

Q) Were there any other changes made to the game?

A) Outside of some licensing updates, the games were kept intact in their original forms.

This is a third party reproduction of the Rod Land game licensed to Retro-Bit for republishing in a collector's edition presentation packaging.

Platform Nintendo NES
Manufacturer Retro-Bit Publishing
EAN 849172017450
SKU 000101
Weight 0g

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