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Shockman Zero Collector's Edition (English translated) for Nintendo SNES PAL region [PRE-ORDER] | Retro-bit publishing

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PRE-ORDER - ETA early December 2024 - this is a best estimate taking into account the publishers estimates and logistics, it may be subject to delays, when possible we will add updates to this page if the release has passed the estimate.


- Japanese version of Schibibinman Zero - Shockman Zero officially localized to English
- Shock Orange 16-bit cartridge PAL version, suitable for Europe, Australia and Japanese consoles.
- Numbered deluxe magnetic hard-cover cartrige packaging
- Full-colored instruction manual
- Featuring exclusive artwork from Moises Juarez AKA DANMAKUMAN

Note: We are providing the PAL version, the game is only regional locked by the shape of the plastic cartridge shell, we are providing the curved shaped PAL version suited for European, Australian and also Japanese consoles, the cartridge supports both 50 and 60 Hz 


"Dr. Gotokuji’s newly invented engine has been stolen by the evil B.B. Dan group! They have begun to  invade the city using their cyber henchmen under the orders of their leader, the mad scientist Dr. Shen Kung!

It’s up to the Schbibinman to stand up to them - the powerful duo of Raita and Azuki. In this action title, you’ll go through 8 stages filled with unique enemies and big boss fights.

Available officially in English for the first time on a physical cartridge, this game is easy to play but challenging to master.

Grab a friend to enjoy the two-player mode to unleash powerful team attacks!


Q) When can I order this?
A) This will be an open pre-order available through online retailers in North America and Europe from June 24, 2024 through July 29, 2024. Independent retailers will have limited quantities after it has been released.

Q) How do I pronounce it?
A) Either shu-bi-bin-man or sch-bi-bin-man. Our releases includes the subtitle Shockman Zero to if people prefer to use that instead.

Q) What is included in this release?
A) This release will include an embellished slipcover, a numbered hardcover magnetic cartridge box, a full-colored instruction manual, and a Shock Yellow 16-bit cartridge for SNES® consoles.

Q) How many will be made?
A) The total number will depend on the amount pre-ordered during the ordering window. Each one will be individually numbered during production via a label on the inside sleeve of the packaging.

Q) Will there be another reprint?
A) We do not plan on reprinting this version again. We intend to keep this version unique so as to keep it distinct from other versions.

Q) Who did the new artwork?
A) We have commissioned Moises Juarez aka DANMAKUMAN to provide additional artwork. His amazing work will be showcased across the box art and manual.

Q) Is this a translation patch or did you copy someone else’s English translation?
A) No, we have a talented programmer who is credited for his work on this translation. We did not utilize any existing script or work. This has been reviewed by our team as well as Masaya.

Technical Details

Q) Is this game region-free?
A) Each region will have its own version. North American retailers will sell the NTSC-U SNES version and European retailers will carry the PAL SNES version. This is due to the shape of the cartridge shells being different between both regions. However, the boards are the same. If PAL users find the cartridge unresponsive, a quick double-reset on the console should enable PAL mode.

Q) Will this cart damage my console?
A) Not at all! Our circuit boards come with the correct 5v chips and beveled, gold contacts to ensure no cartridge slot is damaged.

Q) What consoles can run this?

A) This cartridge is compatible with original SNES® consoles and most 3rd party consoles. This includes our Retro-Bit consoles, Super Nt, and other 3rd party consoles. Some 3rd party consoles that utilize a region-selection switch may need to run the game in NTSC 60Hz first and then make adjustments as needed. For the PAL version, it is compatible with PAL SNES consoles as well as the listed 3rd party consoles.

Q) I have a Japanese Super Famicom. Which version should I order?
A) Due to the cartridge shape being the same as the SNES in Europe, you should pre-order from one of our European retailers to receive the PAL version. The only difference between both regions for our release is the cartridge shell, the board will detect which console it is on and run at either 60Hz or 50Hz as needed. Additionally, if the cart does not run initially, a quick double-reset on the console will switch the cartridge into the correct mode.

Q) Were there any other changes made to the game?
A) This is the original Japanese game that has been fully translated into English. This goes for both the dialog as well as item names that appear throughout the game. Licensing has also been updated to reflect this release to be distinct from any others. Beyond that, all gameplay was kept intact.

Q) Is this the same as the Cyber Citizen Shockman Zero release announced recently?
A) We have nothing to do with that release as ours was in progress since last year and, thus, were unaware of any digital release. The translation, logo, and artwork we have commissioned in this physical release is totally separate from the digital release.

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