Get creative and make some custom Switch cover art.

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Get creative and use some replacement switch game cases and make some custom Nintendo Switch art boxes for your digital game collection.

In an world where digital downloads are becoming more and more common a hole can be found in game library shelves and in the hearts of Nintendo collectors. The lack of a physical game box can give a Nintendo fan and collector an empty feeling, with no display to admire or even refer to as a reference of the digital games they own.

If this sounds like you then why not join the others who are creating their own custom physical box collection by buying some empty switch retail game cases and printing custom cover art.

How to make your own custom Nintendo Switch game case art

Create placeholder storage boxes for digital games using empty or replica boxes and custom cover art. Use them as a reminder of the digital games you own as well as a display to admire and enjoy.

The first step is to source some empty or replica retail game cases. If you reside in the USA you can get a limited number of original cases from the Nintendo Store USA from $1.49 but the prices are excluding tax and delivery so the final price will be higher.

For anyone else replica cases are extremely close to the original and fortunately here at ZedLabz we have you covered (no pun intended) with our third party replacement Switch retail game case, and with free shipping worldwide.

If you do use compatible replica boxes they are the same height, width and depth as the original, which is great for creating new covers and being able to blend them into your library of real physical games.

Design your own custom cover art for your downloadable games

If you are creative and good with picture editing software you can design your own covers from scratch, or use a free template that can be found online with a quick google search. You will find lots of help online from the reddit community and other sites too.

Get some downloadable custom box art already available online

Download a cover from the many designed by Switch fans from around the world. Reddit is again a good place to start, simply google "switch custom cover art" and you will quickly find everything you are looking for.

Print, cut and display your new covers

Once you have your final design you will need to print it at 300dpi using a colour photo or laser printer. You should use glossy paper weighing around 150g (40lb) to print your cover and once printed you simply need to carefully trim the cover using a guillotine or scissors (steady hand required).

All you need to do now is insert your cover art, to do this simply open the empty Nintendo Switch game case full so it is completely flat and carefully lift up the plastic film attached to the outside of the box, then slide your new artwork under the plastic film ensuring it is straight and centred, and finally close the box again.


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