How to easily connect a Nintendo GameCube to a modern TV with hdmi

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If your trying to figure out how to rediscover the classic charm of your GameCube on a modern TV then this article is for you.

The Nintendo GameCube had some impressive graphics capabilities for it's time, offering up to 480p resolution and even a digital video output port, but getting this video signal into a modern TV is where problems start for retro gamers.

The most commonly used video port on the GameCube is the Multi AV out port, but this is not a HDMI or digital signal, if your TV happens to have av ports shown as yellow, red and white ports on the back of the TV, then you may be able to connect your GameCube to your TV using this method.

Assuming the quality of the cable is reasonable or original, you can obtain an acceptable to good qaulity image on your modern screen using this method known as composite, but it can lack the sharpness and appear noisy, to overcome this you have to look towards the digital port on the back of the GameCube.

One thing to note is that not all GameCubes have a digital port, you will find it next to the mulit av out on a specific model of GameCube carrying the model number DOL-101

The digital port is a propriatory port from Nintendo, it outputs clean digital video and was used to output to a component cable. Unfortunately this cable is nowadays extremely expensive to get hold of on the second hand market, and it still requires your TV to have component, it offers an improvement on the composite but it still not compatible with HDMI ports.

So how do you go about getting a GameCube onto a modern TV with HDMI? A variety of companies came up with a solution in the form of digital port to HDMI adapters, which took the already digital signal of the port and made it work with a HDMI port. These adapters are mostly based on an open source project called GC Video, which in short uses FPGA technology to take the GameCube digital port and convert it to a standard video signal.

The GCHD MK-II from Eon gaming is one such adapter that allows you to seamlessly connect your GameCube to HDMI on a modern TV, it comes in the form of a compact plug and play device that requires no power supply or other accessories to work, all you need is a HDMI cable.



This GameCube HDMI adapter allows you to bid farewell to blurry graphics that the multi av out port can produce, and elevate your retro gaming to pure digital goodness though HDMI.

The Eon adapter comes in three colours to colour match to black, purple or orange cubes, and has the HDMI port on the side of the adapter, which helps to reduce strain on the ports.

The MK-II adapter not only offers HDMI, but also a component multi AV out port, which can allow for things such as streaming alongside the digital HDMI signal, both can run simultaniously with no change in performance.

Within this clever design is also a 3.5mm Aux / Mini TOSLINK port supporting both analog and digital audio output, allowing you to get the audio into sound system for the ultimate GameCube setup.

If your a retro gaming enthusiast wanting to get your console connected up to a modern TV using HDMI, then using one of the several digital to HDMI adapters designed for GameCube, such as the Eon GCHD MK-II is the best route to get there.

In summary nothing will provide a better picture than the digital port on a DOL-101 version GameCube, and one of the several digital to HDMI adapters for GameCube will allow you to tap into the best video signal for your modern setup using a HDMI Cable. If you own a DOL-001 and want to connect it to a modern TV, our best advise would be to consider picking up a DOL-101 GameCube along with a HDMI adapter for the best results and easiest setup.

Eon GCHD MK-II Purple

Eon GCHD MK-II Black

Eon GCHD MK-II Orange


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