Laser compatibility quick guide for Sony PS2 Fat (Phat) & PS2 Slim

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Use this guide to help identify which optical laser lens replacement will fit your PlayStation 2 console. 

Lasers covered in the guide include: KHS-400B, KHS-400C, SPU3170, HD-7 & PVR-802.

Note: Replacing the laser lens will normally require a soldering iron to remove an anti static point (solder blog) before install.

Laser lens models can normally be identified from the console model but it is always advisable to physically remove and check the old laser prior to ordering any replacement to ensure that it is the model you expected, and that the new part is the same model or listed as a compatible replacement for the model of laser you have.

PS2 model numbers can be found on a sticker at the back of the console and start with SCPH.

The model number end digit indicates the region:

30001 = US
30002 = AU & NZ
30003 = EU
30004 = UK

PS2 laser compatibility list:

Fat SCPH-3000x uses KHS-400B but use 400C

Use a 400C to replace a A or B variant due to improved reliability and availability.

Fat SCPH-5000x use a KHS-400C

Slim SCPH-7000x use a SPU3170

Slim SCPH-7500x use a PVR-802W

Slim SCPH-7700x use a PVR-802W

Slim SCPH-9000x uses TDP-182W


Lasers will need to be fitted to the deck unit inside the console, this requires some additional rebuilding, unscrewing runners to remove the old laser and put the new one in place. This is only a few additional steps but if you are less confident with completing the repair, or you believe other parts of the laser mechanism is not working properly, you can opt to purchase the deck with the laser pre-installed.

Remember the anti static solder blob will still need to be removed prior to installation or the laser will not operate, this applies to all laser units, whether attached to the deck or not.


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