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Value added products - Helping businesses maximise profits.

We help businesses add value to their inventory by providing replacement and refurbishment parts that optimise the resale value of both trade-in products and customer returns.

Unlike other wholesalers, we support both small and large trade customers with a low minimum order expectation, quickly and efficiently, and with credit facilities where we possibly can. 


Media refurbishment products - replacement empty cases for video games, blu ray and dvd media products at wholesale trade prices.

Retail customers expect used products to be as good as new ones - replacing missing or damaged retail boxes with new ones is a great way to enhance resale values whilst also managing customer expectations and your company brand image.

We have the ability to supply both small and larger pallet quantities of replacement cases for media disc product refurbishment.

consolerepairsGames consoles and electronic replacement parts - replacement parts and accessories to refurbish or complete video game consoles and tech products. 

Retail customers prefer to buy a complete product that they can use straight away, our growing list trade customers purchase items such as battery covers and stylus pens to convert their inventory items from a faulty, damaged or incomplete grade to a complete and working grade rating. 

By selling complete refurbished products our trade customers add pounds, euros and dollars to the resale price, whilst also managing their brand reputation.

We stock a large range of parts to complete, refurbish and repair your inventory so you can resell a fully working and complete product at the best possible price. 


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