PS4 Accessories & Spare Parts

Fix, modify or enhance your Sony PlayStation 4 with the ZedLabz collection of PS4 replacement parts, accessories and compatible components for both your console and controller.

Our range includes console stands and controller charging docks, replacement PS4 controller buttons and thumb grips, controller housing shells and attachments, extra-long charging cables and mains power cords. If there's something you need but don't see currently listed in this collection, please let us know and the ZedLabz team will look into getting additional PS4 accessories and spare parts stocked for you.

For more guidance and tips on looking after and modifying your PlayStation 4, read the ZedLabz blog for articles on Finding The Best PS4 Charging Cable and How To Charge A PS4 Controller.

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ZedLabz OEM internal analog 3D thumbstick modules - left stick L3 & right stick R3 for Sony PS4


HDMI display port for PS4 Sony PlayStation 4 jack connector internal replacement | ZedLabz


ZedLabz replacement screw set for Sony PS4 console internal power supply


Analog 3D joystick thumbstick for Sony PS4 controllers Original ALPS internal replacement - 2 pk | ZedLabz


ZedLabz trigger springs for version 1 Sony PS4 L2 R2 trigger buttons - 4 pack


Trigger springs for PS4 Sony controller 2nd generation internal replacement - 4 pack silver | ZedLabz


ZedLabz aluminium alloy metal analog thumbsticks for Sony PS4 controllers - silver


HDMI port for Sony PS4 Pro & Slim console display socket jack Playstation 4 internal replacement | ZedLabz


ZedLabz aluminum alloy metal L2 R2 trigger & L1 R1 buttons for PS4 controllers 1st gen – silver


ZedLabz aluminium alloy metal directional d pad arrow button for Sony PS4 controllers - silver


ZedLabz aluminum metal action bullet button set for Sony PS4 controllers - silver


HDMI coil filter for PS4 PlayStation 4 Sony SMD choke replacemnt - 4 pack | ZedLabz


Insert eject disk sensor for PS4 Slim/ Pro disk detection drive touch motor KLD-004 replacement - PULLED | ZedLabz


Media disc detection sensor switch for Sony PS4 consoles (fits KLD 001 / 002 / 004) replacement smd part - 3 Pack | ZedLabz


ZedLabz compatible replacement screw & washer set for Sony PS4 hard drive caddy


Power switch button for PS4 CUH-12XX console Sony PlayStation 4 on off eject | ZedLabz


Vibration motors for PS4 Sony Controllers Left & right replacement | ZedLabz


Bluetooth & Wifi antenna for Sony PS4 CUH-1215A CUH-12XX wireless aerial cable wire replacement - PULLED | ZedLabz


Internal speaker for PS4 Sony 2nd gen wireless controller Original Loud replacement | ZedLabz


Metal buttons for PS4 Pro JDM-040 controllers aluminum alloy L2 R2 trigger & L1 R1 shoulder buttons – silver | ZedLabz

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ZedLabz replacement trigger, action, d-pad & option / share button set mod kit for Sony PS4 Pro JDM-040 controllers - silver


USB connector port for PS4 Slim 2000 console power supply charger socket replacement - PULLED | ZedLabz


Control Receiver Module for PS4 Sony 1200 Wireless Wifi Bluetooth motherboard 605BB40354D1 replacement | ZedLabz

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ZedLabz replacement trigger, action, d-pad & option / share button set mod kit for Sony PS4 Pro JDM-040 controllers - Chrome silver


APU GPU CXD90044G BGA Reballing Stencil for PS4 Pro Rework Template 0.50mm 90x90 | ZedLabz


Hard drive mounting bracket for PS4 Slim Sony Console replacement metal - Silver | ZedLabz

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Bluetooth & Wifi antenna for PS4 Pro Sony cable wire replacement | ZedLabz


Hard drive caddy mounting bracket for Sony PS4 Pro 12XX metal replacement with screws | ZedLabz

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Trigger springs for version 1 (1st gen) / version 2 (2nd gen) Sony PS4 L2 R2 trigger buttons - 4 pack | ZedLabz


Thumbsticks for Sony PS4 controllers aluminium alloy metal analog replacement - Silver REFURB | ZedLabz