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GBxCart RW 1.4 Pro Reader, Writer & Flasher for Gameboy, Color, Advance Cart - USB C game cartridge backup adapter GB GBA GBC | InsideGadgets

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- Backup game ROMs, save games & camera images to your PC
- Write ROMs to supported Flash carts & restore save games from your PC
- Supports Gameboy, Gameboy Colour & Advance cartridges with auto ROM size detection
- Supports SRAM/Flash/EEPROM for Gameboy Advance cartridges with auto-save type detection
- Compatible with Windows, Mac & Linux - USB C cable required (not included)


GBxCart is a device for GB, GBC and GBA carts that allows you to backup your game ROMs, backup/restore save games, and write ROMs to supported Flash carts (e.g InsideGadget flash carts or some of the clone/repro carts).

The GBxCart Pro comes as PCB board without USB Cable, it has no protective case, it will fit into a GBA cartridge shell which can be purchased separately (trimming is required for the USB connector port when using a GBA game cart shell).

GBxCart is designed and made in Australia with full support and continued updates over time.

ZedLabz is an authorised reseller of GBxCart from Inside Gadgets, all products are genuine and fully supported by InsideGadgets & also ZedLabz for product warranty support.

For the latest InsideGadgets flash cart support, please use the Flasher v1.51
For free software downloads needed for this device visit:

This version 1.4 Pro is slightly faster than previous versions, has improved powered state control using a button or software control (no need to unplug USB when changing carts), and 2 more status LEDs – Completed & Error.

The “Pro” version allows you to use a GBA reproduction cart shell to encase GBxCart into (not included), a bit of trimming/filing is required for the USB connector. There is no difference in functionality between the regular and Pro. Only the “Pro” version can support the GBA reproduction shell.

GBxCart has a simple user interface software available for Windows and a Console Interface for Mac/Linux.

Installation is very simple, just install the CH340G driver, the .NET framework (for Windows) and you’re ready to go.

Works with Windows XP or higher and Linux/Mac/RPi (console version). Does not work on a Chromebook. On Linux/Mac/RPi the speeds can be much slower when using the official programs but seems to be fine when using FlashGBX.

If you are backing up any old cartridges, please ensure that the contacts are clean and when reading the cartridge information ensure that the GUI or Console Interface programs report the header checksum is OK.

If you can, please use a test cartridge when receiving the unit to ensure the operation is correct. Always check your save file is working correctly in an emulator like BGB before proceeding with restoring another file or another cartridge.

Comes assembled, no soldering required. Each unit is assembled in house and is tested with a Gameboy and Gameboy Advance game.

You’ll just need a USB-C data cable, the USB-C connector only has the USB 2.0 lines attached, to protect the PCB you can either 3D print an enclosure, or use a GBA game cartridge shell, reproduction shells are available to purchase separately.

Additional information:

Supports backup of GB Camera (active images or all images) to BMP with a one click program called GB Camera Saver

Option in the GUI to allow for automatic appending of the current day/time to your save file when you perform a backup of your save

GB Sachen ROM mapper reading support

Support for MBC6, MBC7, MMM01, M161, TAMA5, DACS and GBA Video (some require a new board revision) using FlashGBX, thanks to Lesserkuma

Questions? Jump on the InsideGadget Discord server where we and other users can help you or check the Manual online.


Check out for the latest support, you can help populate flash carts to the Wiki too!

You can’t overwrite an original Gameboy cartridge.

If you are looking to purchase a GB flash cart, most of the clone carts should work except for a couple of multi-cart ones.

Most clone carts are supported but it is not guaranteed all will work as some may have slight differences in their assembly.

Game Boy Flash Carts / Chips supported.

You can’t overwrite an original Gameboy cartridge.

- InsideGadgets – All GB Flash Carts
- Catskull / DIY 32K (AM29F010B, SST39SF010A, AT49F040) [Audio or WR as WE pin] – 32KByte
- SST39SF040 – 512KByte
- ES29LV160 (0883_DRV PCB) – 1MByte
- Catskull / BV5 / M29W160EB / ES29LV160FT – 2MByte
- AM29LV160DB / 29LV160CTTC / 29LV160BTTC / 29LV160TE / S29GL032 – 2MByte
- AM29F016B – 2MByte
- M29W640 / 29DL32BF / GL032A10BAIR4 – 4MByte
- 256M29 / M29W256 / MX29GL256 – 32MByte (4x 8MB Banks)
- Nintendo 1MB Power Cart• GB Smart 16M – 2MByte
- GB Smart 32M – 4MByte
- BUNG Doctor GB Card 64M

Gameboy Advance Flash Carts supported.

You can’t overwrite an original GBA cartridge.

- insideGadgets – All GBA Flash Carts•
- MX29LV320 – 4MByte• MSP55LV128 – 16MByte
- MSP55LV128M / 29GL128EHMC / 29LV128DTMC / MX29GL128ELT / M29W128 / S29GL128 – 16MByte
- M36L0R706 – 16MByte
- GE28F128W30 – 16MByte• 256L30B – 32MByte
- 256M29EWH – 32MByte• M29W256 – 32MByte
- 4455LLZBQ0 – 32MByte• 4000L0YBQ0 – 32MByte
- GBA 32 MByte (Flash2Advance 256M)• GBA 16 MByte (Nintendo AGB Cartridge 128M Flash S, E201850)Carts that don’t work are any chips labelled with “6600” or “4050M”.

Please note: If your game saves to an EEPROM or Flash then it won’t work on any of these clone flash carts unless you patch it to use SRAM using GBATA for example. If the cart you have doesn’t have a spot for a battery, then you will need to patch that game to save back to the flash but there are no programs to do this for you. Pokemon games use a 1Mbit save and most clone carts only have 256Kbit or 512Kbit of SRAM so saving may not work properly. Check what save type your game uses here or Read more about these issues here:

GBxCart Versions history:

GBxCart Original - 50x50mm PCB incompatible with GBA cart shell
GBxCart Pro 1.4 - PCB changed to fit GBA cart shell
GBxCart Pro 1.4a - Led changed to RGB type
GBxCart Pro 1.4b - Removed component not required

Platform Nintendo Game Boy Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Manufacturer Inside Gadgets
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Came very fast and works as intended!


Came very quickly with the free delivery option. I cannot wait to try it out.


I love it and it works as told!!!😍


Very handy little tool for backing up your retro game collection. Straight forward and easy to use


This was exactly what I needed. It has a few more features for saves and writing roms that other devices don't so it helped me out a bunch!