Power cleaner for Game Boy Advance flex ribbon cable Nintendo GBA easy install capacitor mod for IPS & Lipo audio noise reduction filter | Helder Game Tech

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- Easy install flex cable for Game Boy Advance noise reduction.
- Perfect for modded consoles with IPS screens & or battery mods.
- Three solder points on ribbon mounts flex cable to the motherboard.
- The tiny Capacitors pre-installed onto the flex cable.
- Requires console disassembly and soldering to install.


The installation of modern screens and batteries to a Game Boy Advance can cause unwanted additional noise in the audio, this easy install flex cable will remove approximately 80% of the noise with just three solder points.

To install this part you should ideally use flux and a fine tip soldering iron (not included), and add solder to the mounting points on the mainboard and onto the ribbon flex pads, you can then place the flex into position and reflow the solder with your iron to secure into place.

Requires some technical fitting to install including soldering, the flex cable comes pre-populated, making installation much easier, no need to solder the tiny capacitors.
Platform Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Colour Gold
Manufacturer ZedLabz
EAN 5056026448949
SKU 800707
Weight 3g