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- Security screwdriver bit for opening various older games consoles & game cartridges.
- Includes 3.8 & 4.5mm female bits to remove tamper resistant screws.
- Allows various games consoles & cartridges to be opened for cleaning, repair or modification.
- Compatible with retro devices such as SNES, N64, GameCube, Game boy, Master System & Megadrive.
- Screwdriver bits fit standard hex driver (not included).


Repair or modify your own games consoles and cartridges with the ZedLabz security screwdriver bit set.

Simply insert the bits into a standard hex driver / screwdriver handle (not included) and you can begin to clean, repair and mod your own retro systems and games by removing the security screws.

Once the casing is opened you can complete various maintenance and repair tasks such as cleaning, replacing batteries, recapping motherboards and more.

Please note that opening your device will in most cases void your warranty (which has most likely expired long ago).

Screwdriver bit compatibility list:

Consoles & accessories:

Nintendo Snes console
Nintendo N64 console
Nintendo N64 rumble pak
Nintendo GameCube console
Nintendo Super Gameboy
Sega Megadrive (Genesis)
Sega Mastersystem
Sega 32X
Sega Gamegear
Sega Nomad
Turbografx 16
Turbo Duo

Cartridge Games:

Nintendo NES
Nintendo SNES
Nintendo N64
Nintendo Game boy
Nintendo Game boy color
Nintendo Virtual Boy
Sega Mastersystem
Sega Megadrive
Sega Gamegear

Additional information:

The technical name for Gamebit security screwdrivers is line head, this type of Japanese screw became synonymous with gaming, hence the nickname Gamebit was born to describe this type of security fastener screw which was commonly used by in older games consoles.

These are sometimes called as reverse torx / hexalobe, they are similar in style with the primary difference being that torx drivers are male whereas game bit drivers are female, hence the reverse of torx.

They fall under the broader banner of tamper resistant screws or security screws and were used to deter people from opening devices for various reasons, such as to stop you from repairing the device yourself, or to protect the technology inside and try to prevent piracy.

The sizing commonly associated with gamebit, 3.8mm and 4.5mm are technically wrong but widely associated and accepted to describe size of tool required to remove the security screws from retro devices, the correct sizes are actually 3.6mm and 4.6mm from a technical specification standpoint.

One of the most popular uses of these tools is to access and replace CR2016, CR2025 and CR2032 coin batteries in old game cartridges.

Platform Multi Platform Nintendo 64 Nintendo Game Boy Nintendo GameCube Nintendo NES Nintendo SNES
Colour Silver
Manufacturer ZedLabz
EAN 5056026401210
SKU 500259
Weight 25g